CCNE Department

Computer and Communication Networks Engineering

Pr. Bassam Daya, Head of The Department

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Information Technology is the fastest growing field today; it is innovative and ever changing. This major allows the graduates to carry out technological and commercial tasks related to the field:

  • Setting and Administration of Computer Networks and Communication
  • Data and Signal Analyzing and Processing
  • Marketing and Maintenance of Specialized Equipments

The study period is 3 years distributed over 6 semesters with a total number of 180 credits.

Master Degree: Communication Systems Engineering .

Pr. Mohammad Rammal, Master Coordinator

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It is a Bac+5 Degree. This Master aims to fulfil the requirements of the growing professional sectors and needing highly qualified graduates. It offers to students the possibility to strengthen their knowledge in the domain of communication systems, multimedia systems, wireless communications, security, radar

The orientations of the degree will be redefined every year according to the market needs. Courses are completed with applied seminars and a long training period. The permanent and direct contact with the professional word can also be enhanced through professional instructors, visits or projects, ....

A multi-disciplinary curriculum: The Master provides opportunities by associating several different disciplines: Electronics - Communications, Image and signal processing, Teleservices, The multi-disciplinary aspect of its academic stuff and of its students will be very helpful in the integration of its graduates in the professional market or to follow the academic process toward the PHD.


Semester 1:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ALGEL 1100 Algebra 6 Credits
ANALL 1100 Calculus 6 Credits
ELEL 1100 General Electricity 4 Credits
ENNML 1100 Digital Electronics 1 4 Credits
INFOL 1100 Basic Computing 5 Credits
OPTIL 1100 Optics 3 Credits
STPRL 1100 Statistics and Probability 3 Credits
Total 31 Credits
Semester 2:
Course Code Course Title Credits
AGPGL 2100 Algorithm and Programming 5 Credits
ANALL 2100 Applied Calculus 6 Credits
ENANL 2100 Analog Electronics 1 4 Credits
ANGLL 4100 French/Anglais 3 Credits
RINFL 2100 Computer Network 5 Credits
STPRL 2100 Applied Statistics and Probability 3 Credits
TCMAL 2100 Analog Telecommunications 4 Credits
Total 30 Credits
Semester 3:
Course Code Course Title Credits
BDDRL 3100 Relational Database 4 Credits
ENANL 3100 Analog Electronics 2 4 Credits
ENNML 3100 Digital Electronics 2 4 Credits
POOBL 3100 object Oriented Programming 3 Credits
RWANL 3100 Networks WAN 5 Credits
SEXPL 3100 Operating System 4 Credits
THSGL 3100 Signal Theory 3 Credits
Elective Optoelectronics Systems 4 Credits
Total 31 Credits
Semester 4:
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMML 2100 Expression and Communication 3 Credits
CIPRL 4100 Programmed Circuits 1 4 Credits
DWCLL 4100 Web Development 5 Credits
LDTRL 4100 Transmission Line 3 Credits
RLANL 4100 Networks LAN 5 Credits
TCMNL 4100 Digital Communications 4 Credits
TNSGL 4100 Digital Signal Processing 3 Credits
Elective Computer Software Engineering 4 Credits
Total 31 Credits
Semester 5:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ADMRL 5100 Networks Administration 4 Credits
ACSEL 5100 Client Server Architecture 4 Credits
CIPRL 5100 Programmed Circuits 2 3 Credits
MOTDL 5100 Microwaves 4 Credits
POATL 5100 Antennas and Propagation 4 Credits
PRSYL 5100 Networks Programming 4 Credits
TELML 5100 Fixed Telephony 3 Credits
TELML 5100 or CEMGL 5100 Mobile Telephony or Electromagnetic Compatibility 3 Credits
Total 29 Credits
Semester 6:
Course Code Course Title Credits
PRRTL 6100 Final Project (180 h) 12 Credits
STRTL 6100 Training (14 Weeks) 8 Credits
LEGIL 6100 Legislation 2 Credits
DRHOL 6100 Human Laws 3 Credits
TCMSL 6100 Satellite Communications 3 Credits
Total 28 Credits