About Us

The Faculty of Technology(FT) at the Lebanese University was established in 1996 in collaboration with the French government and Hariri Foundation. FT graduates are well prepared and trained to fulfill a multitude of technological positions in the work force. Their trainings are established in collaboration with enterprises and Lebanese professional environment.

Multidisciplinary Bachelor's Degree Offered in:

  • Civil Engineering: Buildings& Public
  • Maintenance and Industrial Engineering
  • Computer and Communication Networks Engineering
  • Business Computer

Multidisciplinary Master's Degree Offered in:

  • Civil Engineering: Geotechnics and Environment
  • Mechatronics and Power Engineering
  • Communications Systems Engineering
  • Information Systems Engineering

French-Lebanese Cooperation:

Possibility of getting dual degree from several French Universities.

Agreements and collaborations with more than 20 French Engineering Schools and Universities.

Continuation of studies without entrance exam in France and at Faculty of the Engineering - Lebanese University.

Teaching Language: French and English.

Branches : Saida and Aabey

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Why Us


Ability to use high-tech laboratories to motivate and inspire students in their fields.

Best Tutor

The Faculty of Technology offers the opportunity for every Lebanese citizen wishing to specialize in one area to obtain knowledge and skills.

Practical Training

The university offers a training period for undergraduate students to improve their skills.


Support the needs, goals and aspirations of students and staff in an open and friendly manner.