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Dr. Ibrahim EL BABA, Head of The Department

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The study in the Department of Maintenance and Industrial Engineering(MIE) spans over 3 years (6 semesters). It forms Technicians with many skills and qualified to take the necessary measures to avoid breakdown of Industrial equipment, also being able to maintain and repair this equipment in factories and companies.
This specialty includes several general topics (Mathematics, Physics, Law, Foreign languages, Expression and communication) and some deep scientific technological topics (Mechanics, Power, Electricity, Electronics, Automatic, programming). The study of these topics (subjects) enable the student to a university scientific and technological formation through scientific site visits to factories and companies.
In addition, students follow 14 weeks training in one of the leading factories or companies in order to let him go through the work experience, and give him technical and practical skills. It should be noted that the student, at the end of his university study, should prepare a final year project under the supervision of a faculty teaching member.

La filière Licence Génie Industriel et Maintenance(GIM) forme en 3 ans (6 semestres) des techniciens supérieurs polyvalents capables d’assurer la fonction de maintenance et de réparation des équipements industriels dans les entreprises.
La formation dispensée en «GIM» comprend une formation générale de qualité (mathématiques, physique, droit, langues étrangères, communication ...) et des enseignements scientifiques et technologiques approfondis (mécanique, thermique, électrique, électronique, informatique et automatismes). Ainsi, les étudiants reçoivent un enseignement scientifique et technique allié à une formation par la pratique.
Cette formation par la pratique comporte des visites, des stages en entreprise et des projets de fin d’étude permettant d’allier les enseignements scientifiques universitaires et les connaissances de la réalité du monde du travail et de l’entreprise.
Également, deux stages en entreprise (14 semaines) et un projet de fin d’étude tuteuré par un enseignant de la Faculté de technologie complètent la formation.


Semestre 1:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS1CILO Logic Circuits 4
LS1DETI Drafting 2
LS1ELMA Electricity andt Magnetism 4
LS1MECA Mechanics I 4
LS1THER Thermodynamics 3
LS1TFME Technology of Mechanical Manufacturing 3
Total: 29 Credits
Semestre 2:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS2AGPG Algorithmic and Programming 5
LS2DRHO Human Rights (CE-MIE-CCNE-BC) 2
LS2ELAN Analog Electronics I (MIE-CCNE) 4
LS2MEFL Fluid Mechanics 3
LS2MECA Mechanics II 3
LS2PUEL Electric Power 4
LS2TRTH Heat Transfer 3
Total: 31 Credits
Semestre 3:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS3ANGL Foreign Languages (French) (CE-MIE-CCNE-BC) 2
LS3DAOR Computer Aided Drafting 2
LS3ELPU Power Electronics 4
LS3MAEL Machines and Electrical Actuators I 5
LS3RDMA Strength of Materials 4
LS3STPR Statistics and Probability (CE-MIE) 4
LS3TCDM Technology and Material Testing 3
LS3THPN Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology 3
Total: 30 Credits
Semestre 4:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS4CIPR Programmable Circuits (MIE-CCNE) 4
LS4COAO Computer Aided Design 2
LS4EXCO Expression and communication (CE-MIE-CCNE-BC) 2
LS4MOCN Numerically Controlled Machine Tool 4
LS4MAAE Machines and Electrical Actuators II 4
LS4MATH Thermal Machines 3
LS4MENU Numerical Methods 3
LS4TEMM Technology and Mechanical Maintenance I 4
LS4AULI Linear Control (MIE-CCNE)* 4
LS4SYEX Operating Systems (MIE-CCNE)* 4
Total: 30 Credits
Semestre 5:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS5ENPR Professional Environment 4
LS5ININ Industrial Computing I 3
LS5ORGM Maintenance Organization 4
LS5PDEE Electric Power Production and Distribution 3
LS5TMM Technology and Electrical Maintenance 4
LS5TEMM Technology and Mechanical Maintenance II 4
LS5TEMT Technology and Thermal Maintenance 3
LS5GEPR Production Management* 4
LS5PRVH VHDL Programming (MIE-CCNE)* 4
Total: 29 Credits
Semestre 6:
Course Code Course Title Credits
LS6DRGT Internship (14 semaines) 6
LS6PFDE Senior Project (≈ 180h/étudiant-projet) 12
LS6DRGT General and Labor Law (CE-MIE-CCNE-BC) 1
LS6CSEF Structural Calculations by Finite Element (CE-MIE)* 3
LS6LOGI Logistics* 3
LS6MDMC Continuum Mechanics* 3
LS6SYTH Thermal System* 3
LS6ENRE Renewable Energy* 3
LS6GEQU Quality Management (CE-MIE)* 3
LS6ININ Industrial Computing II* 3
LS6TRIN Information Processing* 3
Total: 31 Credits


Name Scientific Specialization
Dr. Lina EL CHAHAL Materials Science
Dr. Abir Mohamad El Rabih Pure Mathematics 
Pr. Farouk FARDOUN Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Dr. Ghazi BOU SALEH Electrical Engineering
Dr. Hussein Ahmad KAIN
Industrial Automation and Control
Dr. Hussein EL GHOR Electronics – Telecommunications
Dr. Ibrahim EL BABA
Electronics, Electrotechnics, Electromagnetism
Dr. Khalid Soubhi FAWAZ
Control and Industrial Engineering
Dr. Khodor ABDALLAH Mechanics and Energy
Dr. Mohamad CHAABAN
Electricity, Electronics, Electrotechnics
Pr. Mohammad OUEIDAT Electrical Engineering
Dr. Mohamad YOUNES  Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Mohamed Helal AKOUM
Mechanical Sciences For the Engineer
Pr. Nazir CHEBBO
Mechanical Sciences For Engineer
Pr. Rabih MAKOUK Mechanical Engineering

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