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Communications Systems Engineering

Dr. Mohammad RAMMAL, Coordinator

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The Master's Degree in the Communications Systems Engineering aims to fulfill the requirements of the growing professional sectors and needing highly qualified graduates related to the following fields: Communication systems, multimedia systems, wireless communications, security, radar.

Le Master en génie des systèmes de télécommunications renforce la formation en profondeur pour répondre aux attentes pointues des secteurs professionnels en pleine croissance et le besoin des diplômés qualifiés ayant suivi une formation adaptée à ces secteurs comme les systèmes des communications, les systèmes multimédias, les communications sans fil, la sécurité informatique, les radars.


Semester 1:
Course Code Course Title Credits
MS1ANSC Scientific English 3
MS1CONA Advanced Digital Communications 4
MS1GEPR Project Management 3
MS1PROI Waves Propagation and Interactions 4
MS1RETE Communication Networks 4
MS1TEIA Artificial Intelligence Techniques 4
MS1THIC Information Theory and Coding 4
MS1TRSA Advanced Signal Processing 4
Total: 30 Credits
Semester 2:
Course Code Course Title Credits
MS2ANTE Antennas 4
MS2CAPR Propagation Channel 4
MS2INSR Engineering of Radio-Systems 4
MS2MARK Marketing 3
MS2REBI Bibliographics Research 3
MS2SDCM Wireless Communications Systems 4
MS2TRDI Image Processing 4
MS2APFD Training and Data Mining** 4
MS2MICE Embedded Processors** 4
Total: 30 Credits
Semester 3:
Course Code Course Title Credits
MS3ANBS Bio-Signals Analysis 4
MS3CIMA Advanced Microwave Circuits 4
MS3CASF Advanced Wireless Communications 4
MS3COOP Optical Communications 3
MS3INSC Scientific Programming 3
MS3SERM Security in Wireless Networks** 4
MS3SYMA Multi-Antenna Systems** 4
MS3SYMU Multimedia Systems 4
MS3SYTR Real-Time Systems** 4
MS3TEDM Big Data Technologies** 4
Total: 30 Credits
Semester 4:
Course Code Course Title Credits
MS4SEMI Seminars 8
MS4STPR Internship - Project 22
Total: 30 Credits